Surveying Services

Boundary Surveys

Locate existing property corners and replace any if necessary, settle property line disputes, locate encroachments, prepare a plat of record that may be recorded.

Benchmark Elevation

A fixed mark that establishes the exact elevation for a site. The mark will usually be a nail set in a tree or power pole at a known elevation on a specific datum. Required for most topographic surveys and construction sites, especially those in flood zones.

Topographic Surveys

Obtain elevations on property usually on a grid and show contours. Usually required by engineers and architects for drainage design.

Tree surveys

Locate trees with diameter and species noted. Usually required by county agencies and HOA's to protect larger significant trees.

Construction Stakeout

Stake points horizontally and/or vertically for construction from plans or electronic drawings provided by engineers or architects. We can stake for clearing, silt fence, tree protection, ponds, utilities, roads, pilings and buildings.

Subdivision Surveys

Divide property into two or more parcels. We can do the entire subdivision process from the initial boundary survey, design, submittal and recording of the final subdivision plat.


A survey of real property (usually commercial) acceptable to a title insurance company for purposes of insuring title to said real property free and clear of survey matters except those disclosed by the survey. Certain specific and pertinent information shall be presented for the distinct and clear understanding between the client (insured), the title insurance company (insurer), and the surveyor.

Asbuilt Surveys

Survey the property replacing any missing property markers, locate all existing structures, improvements, fences, etc. and show any encroachments.

FEMA Elevation Certificates

A FEMA Elevation Certificate is a requirement of the National Flood Insurance Program for the determination of flood insurance rates. We obtain the necessary data and complete certificate.

Site Plans

A drawing of your property showing the property lines and any structures that currently exist on that land (house, garage, fence, etc) and where your proposed house, addition, deck, porch, garage, fence, etc is to be located.

DHEC-OCRM Critical Line Surveys

Locate the edge of marsh line, prepare survey drawing and submit for certification. OCRM staff determines this jurisdictional boundary and is referred to as the "critical line". A permit is required from OCRM prior to any alteration to the critical areas of South Carolina. These activities can include docks, bulkheads, boat ramps or other alterations such as filling or dredging.

Dock Permit Surveys

Locate DHEC-OCRM critical line, property lines, edges of creek, or existing dock structures and prepare drawings for dock permit.

Wetland Surveys

Wetland surveys are made for the purpose of mapping wetlands delineated by an environmentalist experienced in wetlands determination.

Hydrographic Surveys

Survey of any navigable waters, including lakes and rivers to obtain bottom elevations. The main purpose is for the safe navigation of vessels. We use a GPS interfaced with a fathometer to gather accurate information.

GPS Surveying

Global Positioning System used for fast accurate location or staking. Great for setting control over a large project site.

Route and Utility Surveys

For the purpose of locating existing utilities. Based on location of visible structures and underground utilities marked by a subcontractor.

Cut/Fill Volume Surveys

A volume survey is done by doing a topographical survey of a specified area before any earthwork is done and then doing another topographical survey of the same area after the earthwork is done. The two surfaces are then calculated to determine the volume of cut or fill.

Digital Terrain Modeling

Digital terrain models (DTM) are three dimensional digital images of ground terrain.  We can create a DTM from an engineers drawing. The DTM can then be downloaded to GPS equipment to grade construction sites quickly and easily

Control Surveys

Control Surveys are made for the purpose of establishing horizontal and vertical positions. Mostly used for aerial mapping and large construction sites.